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What is Counselling  


  • Work through problems
  • Resolve Issues
  • Know yourself better

Counselling provides time and space to explore personal difficulties, issues and concerns. Based on a respectful and non-judgemental relationship counselling offers the opportunity to explore and understand thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 

By exploring and identifying these we gain a better understanding of ourselves.  With this can come new insight and awareness which can help us discover more about ourselves and reveal new choices.

Counselling can provide support through difficult times and encourage new ways of looking at challenges that face us. It can provide a chance to make sense of things, enable greater understanding, create awareness and open up new options. 

Counselling helps facilitate finding a way forward that is right for you.

Psychotherapy is often when the journey goes deeper into the past and explores issues in more depth.  It is when the past is explored in more detail, uncovering influences and assumptions, and creating an awareness of connections and links from the past to the present.  This usually takes longer than a few sessions.

Counsellors will usually use psychotherapy in order to help clients develop understanding and awareness, in order to help manage and address difficulties.  It is often useful to explore past experiences as these can affect the present and therefore influence the future.

“Following another’s path leads to who they are, not to who you are”
                                             Harry Palmer